How to choose a reliable tailor shop in Bangkok

If you are planning a trip to Thailand and want to have your clothes made to measure there, you should be careful. There are many tourists who end up with badly sewn suits after paying a reasonable price. There are many tailors in and around Bangkok, but not all of them are trustworthy. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering tailoring your suit.

Customization means customization!

A tailored suit means that it is sewn by hand and there is no machine work. Virtually every tailor shop in Bangkok calls themselves bespoke. But the truth may be different. Spend a few minutes with a tailor and you'll learn about their suit-making process. There are tailors in Thailand who provide you with custom handcrafted suits to the best international standards at cost-effective prices.

Taking care of the fabric

A good suit is usually only as good as the fabric used to make it. Tailors in Bangkok can provide you with quality fabrics. The interwoven and the lining will also depend on the quality of the yarn. If you don't find a good material for your suit, it will never add to your style.

Understanding Workmanship

Workmanship is also an important factor in determining the quality of a suit. There are many tailors in Bangkok who will simply measure you and give the job to other tailors. You should choose a seamstress who does the actual sewing and have a team of professional seamstresses. A true tailor works more carefully and can also make final adjustments.

Lead Time

Hand-sewn custom suits take time. The process of making a suit involves several steps, including shaping, ironing, sewing, shaping, and more. Many times, the final product requires necessary adjustment changes. You will always be suspicious of a tailor who claims to sew your custom suit in just two days instead of two.

Design Sensitivity

If a tailor doesn't have design sensibility, they can't produce the clothes they have in mind. Unlike the tailors in Naples, the tailors in Bangkok may not accommodate your personal choices, such as high-waist ironing or natural shoulders. But they keep repeating that they can sew suits to measure.

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