how to put on a shirt

A common mistake that most men make at some point in their lives is wearing a shirt that doesn't fit well.

It's not hard to find a shirt that fits you, if

If you look around and look at people and see what shirts they're wearing.

By looking at other people's shirts and seeing what they wear with them, you can draw conclusions about what type of shirt is right for you.

If you don't know what type of shirt is right for you, a good way to get clues is through the Internet,

For example, if you visit the pinterest website, you can use its characteristics to search for, for example, tall, male,

black hair, shirt. So you'll see some styles that work for you and try to have
a base

instead of trying random options that can cost you time and money.

If you are a more practical person, then you can observe your social environment,

such as at your workplace, what kind of shirts your colleagues wear or go out

Observe what people are wearing, like in a bar,
and you can get a basic idea of what looks good on you.

From your environment, you can get a general idea of what might be right for you.

Do not copy the appearance of other people close to you, as the result will surely not be satisfactory and you will find yourself in a difficult situation, the most important thing is that...

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Choose the wrong shirt

First, you spoil and distort your image,

Second, it makes you uncomfortable,

Third, a bad choice can indicate that you do not take care of yourself,

These three reasons need attention.

One of the most common mistakes men make is that they like classic shirts,

At the same time they can try something slimmer.

When the body allows, the shirt should be tight, without excess fabric just above the shoulders and waist.

Otherwise, the asymmetry will be generalized and you will look fatter than you really are.