Women’s Shoes & Platforms: Everything From Style To Fit And Comfort

When it comes to height, the first thing women think of is high heels. But not everyone feels perfect in high heels. That is why some people make platform shoes. You can wear platform pumps, platform pumps or even platform sandals and turn heads by going a little taller.

Today we will cover all the functions that platform shoes have on girls' feet, from elegant shoes to comfortable sneakers.

What are platform shoes?

Shoes of any kind, including but not limited to heels, sandals, and athletic shoes with thicker soles than traditional shoes. Generally speaking, platform shoes can have a sole that is one to four inches thicker and a higher heel. But there are also shoes without heels, with flat and thick soles. The thickness determines if a shoe has a thick sole.

Some shoes are called a hidden platform because they cover the top half of the platform, giving the illusion that there is no platform. This makes it easy to add some height without exposing the obvious tricks behind it.

While the standard height is generally set between 1-4 inches or 3-10 cm, various platform heels have been known to exceed 8 inches. It's hard to say who invented the platform shoe, as the history of platform shoes dates back to the 16th century.

Platform Shoes

Bold footwear, like high-heeled platform shoes or pumps, can turn heads at any type of event. But it can be hard to know what to wear and when to wear it. People have style, but styling your shoes in a more subtle and sexy way requires a few tips.

Why do girls want to look tall? In this way, her legs can be as long as the real tall models. Since this is your goal, this is how you should style your design. Wear these platforms with skirts or dresses to show them off. Make sure people see your extra long legs, it will be the effect of the platform heels.

Summer Platform Style

The low platform sole of the pool slide is perfect for summer. Wear them with sportswear or swimwear, as they are ideal for a versatile casual look.

Winter platform shoes

From knee-high boots, platform shoes and mix them with thick knits and jeans for a look that is cooler than winter itself. Not only will it give you more height, but high platform shoes will also keep your skirts from getting wet in winter.

Platform Shoes: Comfortable Fit

Platform shoes can be very high and people always question their comfort. In fact, they are more comfortable than any standard height. We kept the platform flat on the chunky side, so most of them have a wide toe box which makes them very comfortable. People with wide feet shouldn't even think twice before buying.

Standard high heels can start very thin from the toe. With all the thickness in the front of the shoe, the platform heel helps distribute weight widely. Apart from high heels, platform shoes are also known for their fitness and comfort. It just depends on your body weight and foot size.

If you plan to switch from one pair of shoes to another for a long time, we recommend flats. When it comes to comfort, high heels can be very stiff because they put a lot of pressure on the ball of your foot. But to avoid this discomfort, just opt for low or flat heels.

It's important to practice walking in heels before attempting to wear them. Browse thousands of platform shoes at XY London and style them to your liking.