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Finding the perfect wedding dress can be stressful. After all, you've probably never tried on a wedding dress before. Plus, for many more women, it's probably the most expensive dress to worry about or buy, so the pressure to choose is even greater. At a wedding, all eyes are on the bride. No wonder choosing a wedding dress is so difficult.

What does the perfect wedding dress look like?

But what does the perfect wedding dress mean? For some brides it may be a princess wedding dress with a full skirt and long train, while others prefer a mermaid-style wedding dress that focuses more on the figure than on the volume of the skirt, last but not least. , brides choose a light wedding dress to make them feel at home.

Dresses that adapt to your figure

Hourglass silhouette: This type of silhouette is characterized by a defined silhouette with a tapered waist and similarly proportioned bust and hips. The hourglass silhouette is so sexy that almost any type of skirt will work with it.

Rectangular silhouette: This figure has the same width at the shoulders and hips, but without a defined waist. In this category we can include an androgynous silhouette.

Triangular or pear-shaped silhouette: This silhouette has a woman with wider hips than shoulders and a fuller back.
, and a slim waist. For a future bride of this figure, it is imperative to create a balance between the torso and the lower part of the body.

Inverted triangle figure: Women with an inverted triangle figure have shoulders wider than hips. Matching dresses add volume to the lower body and draw attention away from the width of the shoulders. Brides with this silhouette can choose from princess gowns, A-line gowns, or ball gowns.

Round or apple silhouette: A round silhouette is characterized by a voluminous bust, broad shoulders and an indefinite waist. Usually, the limbs are slimmer and the hips are narrower than the shoulders, so the wedding dress should cover the torso and highlight the chest or legs.

Choose a dress that goes with your style

Often when looking for the perfect wedding dress, brides-to-be forget to take into account an important decision criteria : the wedding dress must match the person who wears it Matching style and personality. So if you want something more luxurious, don't go for a princess wedding dress!

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