How to find a decent and affordable tailor in Bangkok

If you're planning a trip to Thailand, it's best to have your suit sewn at a decent and affordable tailor in Bangkok. Unlike European or Italian markets, you'll find some affordable tailoring options here that will really give your style some attention. In Bangkok, truly personalized options are within your budget.

Many travel and travel magazines also talk about customization opportunities in Southeast Asia these days, especially in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Taiwan. If you have a truly bespoke tailoring in mind that only costs a few hundred dollars, then Bangkok may be your ultimate destination. A good plain wool suit will now be within your reach.

Touring & Tailoring Combo

Bangkok is one of the major tourist destinations that attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. The Thai capital offers you a wealth of attractions, as well as affordable accommodation and dining options. As you explore the splendor of Bangkok, you won't mind having your suits sewn by a local tailor, saving you hundreds of dollars.

In Bangkok, we offer
comfortable and affordable accommodation in our selection of Smart Suite Boutique Hotels. Another advantage is that you can have your suit sewn to measure in our own tailor shop, Ambassador & Smart Fashion (AMBFA).

You don't need to go anywhere, the master tailor will personally take your measurements at the hotel and sew an elegant suit for you. At AMBFA, we follow an advanced tailoring and tailoring process and deliver the suit before the guest checks out.


Given the demand for high-quality bespoke tailoring, the wallet is comfortable; Bangkok has quickly become an affordable tailoring destination. Sometimes tailoring suits can be in high demand for both men and women. But at AMBFA, we always focus on quality, style, and price. We allow you to choose fabrics that suit your style and always maintain a good quality. The suits can be made to perfection and fit perfectly.

At AMBFA, we make sure your fit allows you to show off your personal style. Our master tailors take measurements with every detail in mind. They possess the skills necessary to create a quality tailored suit, which defines an individual's style statement.

Final adjustments may also be necessary to make each part of the suit perfectly match someone's style. Everything was completed successfully within the stipulated time frame.

This in no way means that affordable tailors will compromise on quality, especially if you can find a decent tailor shop in Bangkok.