Cavitation RF Machines: How to Use and Buy Them

For beauty salons, the price of beauty equipment is their concern. This means that they pay more attention to price when choosing beauty equipment. Therefore, it is better for them to order beauty equipment from manufacturers.

Many beauty salons are very concerned about the price, but the price in the market is quite confusing. Therefore, it is difficult for them to make a choice. However, you can check the manufacturer's price in this regard. Here I would like to share with you how to choose your ideal cavitation machine.

1. Function and working principle

(1) Powerful degreaser and degreaser

Using the strong sound waves emitted at 40,000HZ to consume calories and cells effectively. , the shrinking fat cells enter the human body through a strong sound wave head, causing the fat cells to produce a strong impact and friction between the fat cells. In addition, when the sound wave vibrates, it can produce a strong impact between the cells, causing the cells to explode instantly, thus reducing the number of fat cells to achieve the purpose of removing fat.

(2) Fat melting, lymphatic drainage, skin firming and anti-aging skin elasticity improvement

Combines the most advanced RF technology and RF energy. This feature makes it possible to directly reach the deep fat body, and has the advantage of precise positioning of the radio frequency output, so that the cell body generates heat and friction when the fat cell tissue is in an active state. , so that the room increases the temperature, thereby removing excess fat and toxins excreted in the body. Through sweat glands, enterohepatic circulation and lymphatic excretion, to achieve the purpose of melting fat.

(3) Reduce cellulite and lose weight. Shape Body

Stimulates the corresponding acupuncture points with biological waves generated by electrodes. Using different frequencies and pulses, under the interaction of various physical and electronic synergies, it can effectively stimulate the fat body, make the body move, and consume calories and fat again, so as to achieve the purpose of body shaping and slimming.

2. Outside of fat cells, fat cells are strongly affected, causing fat cells to burst and break down into free fatty acids.

(2) Radio Frequency Fat Melting

Using high-efficiency radio frequency energy to break down fat again, stimulate body metabolism, and discharge dissolved free fatty acids through the enterohepatic circulation and lymphatics.

(3) Ultrasonic shredding of fat

Promotes the absorption of the product and accelerates blood and ascending lymphatic circulation. After the fat cells swell, the stressed blood circulation is released, carrying away excess waste and burned fat.

(4) Bioelectric Liposuction

Based on modern physical medicine, biology, medical cosmetology, and anatomy, it treats and balances bodily functions, promotes calorie consumption, and, therefore, it directly achieves liposuction liposuction, liposuction, slimming purposes.

3. Performance and Features

< p>(1) Eliminate excess fat, burn fat and create a perfect curve.

(2) Tightens the skin and repairs stretch marks.

(3) Shaping arms and legs, shaping.

(4) Stimulating gastrointestinal motility and improving constipation.

(5) Relieves skin pain and relaxes muscles.

(6) Dredges blood lipids and improves body microcirculation.

(7) Crushing by ultrasonic energy to remove fat.

(8) Raise your hips to adjust your body shape.

< p>(9) Stimulates collagen regeneration throughout the body (tight neck and waist)

(10) Effectively improves and repairs stretch marks.

How to choose your ideal beauty equipment?

From the perspective of market conditions, most beauty salons choose 40K cavitation machines.


40K cavitation machine adopts 40K cavitation technology. It uses the sound waves emitted by the hair to gather strong 40KHZ sound waves to vibrate the fat cells rapidly, creating countless vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fat cells, effectively shocking the fat cells, causing the fat cell membrane bursts inward, and breaking down triglycerides into glycerol, free fatty acids, are then eliminated from the body. For beginners who are just starting their business, we would like to recommend the following basic editions.

It is a 6-in-1 beauty instrument that integrates all the functions of skin rejuvenation. It can be said that it is a relatively "complete" cavitation machine. Compared with similar cavitation machines on the market, it has a higher cost performance. For salons that want to use an upgraded version or have a larger budget, the following insurance is for you.

This is a professional cavitation machine produced by our company in 2020. Its unique design and powerful performance are welcomed by each of our users. It has become the most popular cavitation machine in our company. Each handle of this instrument has two functions. One handle has 30K cavitation and radio frequency skin rejuvenation. The RF frequency can reach up to 5MHz. Therefore, the radio frequency can be applied to the same treatment area at the same time as fat removal. This can greatly shorten the treatment time and achieve the best results. It also has two handles that can be worn on the face. One is a vacuum radio frequency handle to lift and rejuvenate the skin. Rare on the market. The other is a microcurrent handle, which is used for infusion of face-lift and face-lift products. After your body treatment, you can proceed to rejuvenation and facial lifting. It can be said that it is more "full".

For beauty salons, we must not only provide good service, but also that the beauty team has immediate results. Visibility can only be enjoyed if people willingly share it with others.