Coleman Tent Accessory Products

In addition to selling a full line of Coleman tents to suit every outdoor experience, Coleman also offers a number of tent accessories such as battery-operated tent fans and lights, tent repair kits, extra stakes for tents and the instant rain line. covers...invert. This mallet is very effective for driving tent stakes into hard, dry ground. This mallet is also a nail removal tool, and its shaft also has useful notches for removing tent nails.

The Coleman Tent Kit is another recommended product because it comes with the essentials a camper needs to set up and take down any Coleman tent. Set includes a sturdy rubber tent mallet for hammering tent stakes into solid ground, a tent stake puller to make removing stakes simple, and a handy small brush and dustpan combo to help maintain clean store. This kit includes 4 Coleman tent pegs to prevent your Coleman tent from being blown away.

Tent Repair Accessories

The Coleman Tent Repair Kit includes everything needed to restore any Coleman tent. This kit has two ripstop nylon adhesive patches to repair the tent and two mesh patches to secure the inside of the tent. Three tent collars and a bungee cord can be used to repair damaged poles, and a tube of seam sealant can be used to re-waterproof leaky tent seams. Also includes a heavy-duty sewing needle and 2 rolls of nylon thread.

Pro-Techt Water Resistant Spray will rejuvenate the water resistance of any Coleman tent you buy. This elastic silicone solution can be used on canvas or nylon tents.

Marquee Lights for Coleman Marquees

Coleman sells a variety of battery-operated marquee lights for Coleman marquees. Coleman's Standard Marquee Lights attach securely to any marquee with excellent built-in magnets that won't damage marquee fabric. Coleman's Shop Light has a replaceable, durable krypton bulb that provides plenty of light and is powered by 4 AA batteries.

The Coleman CPX 4.5 LED Shop Light provides bright light (approximately 60 lumens) and offers three lighting modes: high beam, low beam, and night light. The tent light features waterproof construction and its adjustable swivel allows campers to aim the light exactly where it's needed. It attaches via magnets to a Coleman tent or any metal object, and is powered by three AAA batteries, or use Coleman's CPX 4.5 rechargeable pod (available separately). The lighting in this store offers up to 15 hours of operation, in addition to a useful battery meter.

Coleman Tent Fan

A battery-operated fan is a useful device for keeping you cool on sweltering summer nights. Coleman fans attach easily and securely to any tent using powerful magnets and feature soft, flexible blades for added safety. The fan can run continuously for up to 16 hours on a single D-size battery.

Coleman's Lighted Cool Zephyr Fan attaches to the Coleman tent with a powerful magnetic plate. The fan and shop lights can be operated with separate controls, and this Coleman fan also offers two-speed adjustable flow control. This light includes 4 white LED lights for a good reading light and an amber LED bulb as long as it is operating in "night light" mode. This fan/light is powered by 4 D batteries and the unit will run steadily for 24 hours (using high speed) with the lights off.