DuroMax XP10000E Review

Introducing the DuroMax XP10000E air-powered portable generator. Heavy Weight Generator This product is ideal for customers who need high power to move. With a maximum output of 10kW, this generator can start the most power-hungry tools and equipment and keep them running at their 8kW operating speed. This large power station works best at home on a construction site, powering drills, tools, and saws, but it wouldn't look out of place in the home as a backup generator during a power outage. Or take it with you as a camping and RV companion, this machine is also fully EPA certified for entry into US national parks with its quiet exhaust. Read on for a deeper look at the features in this DuroMax XP10000E review.

The starting wattage

The starting wattage is 10000.

Running power The wattage of a device is the amount of power that a generator can produce at a Submax output running speed. This value must be greater than the wattage required to run whatever appliance you want to power, otherwise the generator is unlikely to run it. The operating power of most electrical equipment can be found in the manual or in some online documentation.

The DuroMax XP10000E runs at 8,000 horsepower

Engine Power

The alternator has 16 horsepower. The fuel tank of the DuroMax XP10000E is 8.3 gallons. It also has a low oil protection system that automatically shuts down the generator if it unknowingly runs out of oil. At 50% load, the generator will run for an impressive 10 hours.

Start Methods

The DuroMax XP10000E has two different start methods. If the alternator battery is charged, you can use the convenient electric starting method, which is as easy as starting your own car. Alternatively, you can use the manual recoil start method using the pull cord on the unit.

Type of fuel

The generator runs on gasoline. Essentially, how noisy the generator can be can be a problem for some customers. The DuroMax XP10000E achieved a comfortable 72 dBA.


This is not a CARB compliant device. Generators must meet CARB standards to legally operate in California.

I think one of the standout features of the DuroMax XP10000E, and one that I want to detail here, is versatility. The generator has 5 unique power outlets. It's a range that covers everything from large appliances to gadgets. It gives the user a great degree of flexibility if they buy this model and lets them understand that this is not just for construction sites. The DuroMax XP10000E should be up to any task you throw at it.