How to make your women’s soccer team play like the boys

Do you want your girls' soccer team to play like the boys?

Before I explain how to do this we first need to understand the difference between the two, if you buy any new product like Epic or Coerver for training videos you will notice that the training is done by girls and boys which you won't see is the live use of this training.

So basically you have the adventurous nature of boys and the inherent caution of the average soccer player, girls learn soccer in a precise way and boys learn soccer in a more general way. Most boys want to learn as many moves as possible, then want to use them on the court to embarrass their friends or opponents, while girls only want to learn a few moves, then spend a while getting used to them. And slowly, maybe a few times a game, they'll start wearing them because soccer players don't want to be embarrassed.

For the boys, training never ends, they are playing, practicing, watching or talking about soccer all the time. The average female soccer player comes to practice and if they don't have brothers to play, they probably won't even think about or play soccer until their next practice.

As a coach, player, or parent you'll want to speed up the mechanics, the only way girls can play like boys is if we follow the path of 1990s Hillary Clinton.

When it comes to women's soccer, "It takes a town"

What does it mean? Well, for the coaches it means doing homework both physically and mentally, for the players it means working like a game in the game, trying to have fun with the game and the game becomes fun. For parents, this means getting involved in improving their girls' soccer game, and the reality is that their impact is what matters most.

Some of the things boys do, like chasing the ball or kicking the ball in the air, come more naturally to them, so spend a lot of energy or time making your girls' soccer team or individual players perform. on those skills Being great might not be the best way to spend your time or resources. You can improve them in those areas, but if you focus on making them more explosive and creative, you'll do better.

Complete Women's Soccer Training

Physical: You'll want to use drills that include high-level technical work, as well as conditioning, agility, and strength training. Outside of practice, give your players daily ball contact and make conditioning, agility and strength work their homework.

Psychological: You'll want to use creative problem-solving exercises (for example, 1 attacker vs. 1 attacker). 2 defenders) also praises a player's creative thinking during a practice or game. Outside of training, they are assigned a task that consists of watching a football match live or on television, where they try to understand the alternative solutions used by the players on the field.

So while the basics of soccer rules and play are the same for male and female soccer players, it's important that coaches, parents, and players understand how to get the most out of your time and it is important to train to achieve the desired results.