Kelty Strollers – New Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 and Journey 2.0, what has changed?

The new Kelty Kids baby carrier is here! Its popularity is growing rapidly. Pathfinder 3.0 and Journey 2.0 are the latest additions to the Kelty family of strollers. They offer all the same features as the old Kelty FC 3.0 and 2.0, plus a few extra features that will make our outdoor adventures that much more fun.

Well, first of all, both of the new Kelty carriers still offer the same features that made the Kelty carrier so popular in the first place. For example, auto-deploy supports, height-adjustable devices, and sliding torso adjusters. The new Kelty child harness also offers the same V-Bar frame cockpit, also known as a roll cage. Both still offer precision suspension capable of carrying up to 50 pounds and Kelty's signature rain/sun cover. The waist and shoulder straps still offer plenty of padding, and the back panel is still thermoformed for comfort. What's new?

So what has changed?

The child seat belts on these two Kelty baby carriers are definitely an upgrade. It now has chest buckles that allow you to unbuckle the shoulder straps, and easy-access leg loops that clip onto the legs. In other words, you no longer have to feed your little hands and calves through the small opening. The Pathfinder 3.0 and Journey 2.0 Kelty Kids' Bike Carriers also offer hydration storage behind the rear panel, as well as an easy-access water bottle pocket on the hipbelt. Storage capacity is pretty much the same, except the Pathfinder 3.0 Kelty Carrier now offers a zippered pack that has its own two zippered pockets, as well as two mesh water bottle pockets on the sides.

How much do they cost?

With all these extras, you might expect a higher price, but that's what it is, and the two new Kelty carriers cost about the same as the old ones. They cost about $30 more than previous models, depending on where you buy them. Now the Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Carrier is about $50 more than the Journey 2.0, but that's because you also get the zippered day bag.