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  • Paintball game with different skins.

    Paintball game with different skins.

    Paintball games are very popular right now, especially among the younger generation. It's basically a game where one team plays against another and one side has to shoot as many people as possible on the opposing team with cans full of paint. ...

  • Jumper’s Knee – Causes and Treatment

    Jumper’s Knee – Causes and Treatment

    Jumper's knee causes severe pain in the front of the knee. Therapies that focus on loosening the soft tissues and stretching the quadriceps can help reduce stress on the patellar tendon and reduce pain associated with this condition. What is this? Patellar ...

  • luxating patella

    luxating patella

    Patellar luxation occurs when the patella is pushed out of this groove, usually laterally, causing pain, swelling, and temporary deformity in the knee joint. The patella usually moves spontaneously when the patient moves the leg, but if this does not happen, it ...

  • father of muay thai

    father of muay thai

    Kingdom of Siam, Ayutthaya 1774. The Burmese invasion wreaks havoc and the Siamese capital falls with it. Thousands of prisoners were taken to Burma to work and play as slaves. Among the many kickboxers among the prisoners, there was one named Nai ...

  • Learn to ride a bike: basics

    Learn to ride a bike: basics

    Riding a bike may seem like a skill to some, but unless it's about stunts, it's really just about controlling the momentum of the bike. Still, there are some people who don't like bikes. This is because they had bad experiences when ...

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