Participation Trophies: Momentum Killer or Confidence Booster?

Certificates of participation, prizes or trophies: some say it kills motivation, others say it boosts the confidence of everyone involved. Well, it's all about the mindset. Different people have different types of thought processes, so it varies from person to person.

• Participation trophies: motivation killer?

If all the questions have been asked quadrillion times, the contestant will receive a trophy. The answer is a big no, and it will always be a no, at least if you keep asking the same people who are against it.

Whether the company's best employees go to corporate events for trophies, sporting events where winning athletes get prizes, or school competitions where winning kids get medals, only deserving candidates should receive trophies and just the people.

Awarding the trophy only to a deserving candidate will increase confidence in him. Everyone else will feel the same way and it will give them motivation. This will allow them to work harder and smarter to achieve the same results as the winners. Working hard to achieve your goals will hone your skills and talents. This will encourage them to work harder and faster.

If all participants receive a trophy, they will gain a sense of accomplishment. This will ruin everything and reduce the impact and stimulation of hard work. It doesn't motivate them any more than if they didn't get any reward. Going home empty-handed will make them feel worse than at least receiving a participation trophy.

It works best in companies and organizations where they give employee of the month awards or prizes. Each month, the employee who works the hardest should be rewarded. So, seeing the winner, all the other employees work harder for the next month.

Soon, failure is good for you! At least it will make you perform better next time. The greed to take away a trophy, trophy or medal motivates you to work harder than anything else.

• Participation trophies: confidence booster?

Participation trophies are a confidence booster when it comes to kids. Children love to receive gifts and appreciation. So for them to compete, win or lose, they must be given trophies. This makes them more self-confident and gives them a sense of self-esteem that they can do something. Only with that feeling will they continue to participate in the school competition, at least because of the greed for gifts and trophies.


Well, sometimes they act as a confidence booster when it comes to kids and sometimes a motivation killer when it comes to employees or athletes . Therefore, opinions vary by age group, occupation, and category. So the debate continues...