The 5 Best Affordable Cigar Lighters

The Five Best Cigar Lighters

So you're already enamored with the wonderful world of premium cigars. Initially, the scent, relaxation, and friendship draw you in, so you buy a few. Of course your collection grew rapidly and now you find yourself with a complete hobby, a delightful one I would like to add. What you might not have expected from all this boring madness are all the little things associated with smoking cigars: humidors, cigar cutters, and lighters, just to name a few. While there are too many aspects of the world of cigars to consider in this article, I thought I might give you some advice in terms of the most important cigar lighter, probably the most important cigar accessory you can own (as opposed to a humidor, of course). ) .

First of all, there are many ways to light a cigar, some are better than others and some you should never try (trust me, I've lit my cigars several ways and not cared). By now, I'm sure you've heard this, but I'll bring it up anyway: ditch those Bic lighters! Cigars deserve more respect, they have special needs... Kerosene and other oil based lighters (Zippos) should not be used in cigars as they will contaminate the flavor of the cigars. Matches can be used for lighting, but avoid using sulfur tips (light anywhere) as they also have a bad smell. Another downside to matches is that you end up using half the box if you want to get the right light. Some people light cedar sticks called "cedar spills" and use them to light their cigars, but most opt for a clean-burning, easy-to-carry, and affordable butane lighter in most cases... that's it. what you want.

What to look for

When making the important decision to buy a lighter, you'll immediately notice that there are so many options available. From widely varying prices to size, brand, and more, there are five factors I typically focus on.


You're going to be using this thing a lot (I hope), make sure it catches your eye. It should also be pocket-friendly, so instead of grabbing a ridiculous dragon flashlight...

Easy to use:

Again, you'll be using it a lot, once good lighter. It should be easy to fill, open and light. If you really want to avoid trouble, look for lighters that are on and on at the same time.

Flame Count:

This totally depends on the person, one flame will take longer to light the cigar to begin with, but it works well for those delicate touches. Three Flames will certainly get you going. Unsurprisingly, twin flames are the best of both worlds! (in my opinion)

Fuel Capacity:

It's something you probably wouldn't think to look for, small fuel sizes can get pretty annoying very quickly. A good lighter should be able to handle a cigar smoking table with no problem. On the other hand, if the tank is big, the lighter can get quite bulky, try to find a good balance.


This is the most important factor in a good lighter. What's the point of a lighter that won't light? ! The best lighters light every time, bar none. While top of the line lighters are usually the most reliable (of course), reliable lighters can be found at reasonable prices, you just have to know where to look. So "cheap" lighters are almost certainly unreliable, and if you want something that works when it's so light, avoid those "super value" $5 lighters.

So, what lighters are on the market? What brands can we trust to achieve all or most of the above features? While I haven't tried them all (who has?), I've used them long enough to get a good idea of which igniters are the "real" ones and which are just... hit. In my opinion, these are some of the best cigar lighters for your hard-earned money.

Top 5 Affordable Cigar Lighters

#5. The Blazer Optimus

This is an interesting and unusual lighter in that it actually has a built-in guillotine cigar cutter! At the front of the Blazer Optimus is a magnetic cutter that simply slides on and off. The blazer also has a great light-up mechanism, as the lid doubles as a prominent button. On the downside, the Optimus is a bit bulky for its size and doesn't feel as solid as others on this list, loose guillotine cutters can also be an appearance issue, be careful when putting this lighter together

< p >#4. The Colibri Evoke

The Colibri Evoke is a classy and stylish single flame lighter. The Evoke is a slim metal lighter that easily fits into any pocket. It has a fin that feels very solid and smooth, which also reflects the lighter's higher price range of $55. There is a viewing window on the side to measure the butane and a hole punch that opens from the bottom. This is a very solid and reliable lighter with features (and price) that beginners might not like.

#3. Xikar Tech

This is your travel lighter: resistant, easy to handle and with a huge butane tank! The Xikar Tech is a single torch lighter that gets the job done with ease. With a large flame adjustment wheel on the bottom (no screwdriver!) and a see-through body, this makes handling that precious butane incredibly easy. In the reasonable $30 price range, this is a must-have for travel enthusiasts.

#2. The Vector Vulcan

The Vulcan is a solid triple flame torch lighter. My favorite thing is the lighting located on the side of the lighter, just squeeze the lighter and the top opens with a huge burst of triple flame! The Vector Vulcan has a weighty feel and a few extras like a perforator on the bottom and a simple fuel gauge on the side. Be careful though, as triple flames use triple the amount of fuel, keep a few things in mind. At $50 it feels a bit expensive, try to find a lighter on sale, you won't be disappointed.

No. 1. Xikar Element

This is a beast of a lighter! The Xikar Element is a twin flame lighter that seems to have it all. The heavy, solid metal feel lets you know this isn't going to break, and if it does break, it's guaranteed for life, no questions asked! Go ahead, run this thing and you'll never need another lighter. Again the ignition operation is seamless, push the button on top and the cover slides off to reveal the twin flames (my favourite). The Element also comes with additional gizmos like a drill and fuel gauge, and front and rear side handles to keep the light steady. At a mid-range price of $45, cigar aficionados of all levels will find this a great blend of design, quality, and reliability.