Why are emerald cut diamonds used in engagement and eternity rings?

The emerald diamond is one of the oldest cuts of diamonds. The emerald cut offers authentic and aesthetic attributes. The flat, smooth surface of the diamond exudes a resplendent brilliance. Before we continue, let's talk about where and how it all started. The cut originated in the 16th century. Jewelry cut green emeralds in this shape, which is how the shape got its name. In the end, the shape was very popular. Pressure is reduced during gem cutting, reducing the risk of debris being created on the gemstone. In 1920, the emerald eternity ring attracted attention for its clean lines and symmetry, and in the 1920s the shape achieved great success.

An emerald cut diamond has approximately 25 pavilions, 25 crowns and 8 girdles, with at least 57-58 facets. Due to the rounded size and angles, the emerald cut shows less depression than other cuts. Today, all women around the world admire the essence and pure appearance of emerald cut diamonds. In fact, the term "emerald cut" was not properly coined until the 1920s. The rise of the decorative arts is responsible for the popularity of emerald cut diamonds.

Emerald-cut diamonds exude an air of effortless elegance that expresses your personality. It says that you are famous for owning everything you wear or make. Forbes magazine once said that this is the best cut for women with demanding taste, those who prefer the classics. The long layered cut helps the wearer achieve a strong and bold fashion statement. Emerald cut diamonds highlight increased clarity. Emerald-cut diamonds exude beauty and precision. In fact, big names like Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, and Eva Longoria have opted for emerald-cut diamonds for their engagements or weddings.

This brings us to the next section, what is the meaning of the emerald as a gemstone and do people choose it most often? History is a testimony, the emerald like stone is a symbol of love and wealth of wealth. The stunning beauty and glory of the stone brings hope, renewal and growth to the wearer. Calms the stressed soul and causes spiritual awakening. The Greeks and Romans believed that the stone represented the goddess Venus, the bringer of hope and love. Even the Egyptians considered emeralds to be the eternal source of life.

This is why most people choose a diamond-cut engagement ring. Unlike most brilliant cuts, it is a combination of tradition and modern trends. Staggered facets radiate shine, but are softer. Also, emerald cut gemstones are now available in a variety of sizes both online and offline, which is why emerald cut gemstones are very attractive. You would be surprised to see a list of famous people who own emeralds and diamonds, for example:

Angelina Jolie owns an emerald and diamond ring with a center stone weighing approximately 16 carats.

Jennifer Lopez recently received a 15-carat emerald-cut engagement ring from her special ring.

Elizabeth Taylor received a 29.4-carat diamond ring from her husband, which she prefers to refer to as a "skating rink."

We see Kim Kardashian wearing a 16.5-carat emerald-cut diamond at her wedding.