Will sustainable gift baskets be the most popular food and drink this lockdown Christmas?

Due to the last minute impact of COVID-19 on all of us at Christmas, holiday gift basket purveyors are expecting an increase in demand for ethically sourced, environmentally sound and sustainable products this year. Families, for example, may not make it to the big traditional Christmas dinner, filled with guests and self-indulgence, that many of us have come to regard as the centerpiece of the holiday. Sending food, dips, and treats to loved ones seems like an obvious choice if we're not there in person. With environmental issues and vegan diets on the rise in the news, more and more of us are also looking to ethical, cruelty-free, and plant-based options. This Christmas, more than any other, is likely to be the season for kindness and kindness when it comes to gift-giving.

Here are some of our favorite products.

What Christmas gift basket products are available?

Planet Organic, the UK's first organic supermarket, includes a range of vegan and organic products in its Christmas 2020 range. Its Ultimate Vegan Hamper (£85), for example, contains a variety of vegan ingredients, snacks and essentials, from maple syrup and praline cookies to pesto, chocolate cashew and oat milk drink.

The Planet's Organic Vegan Chocolate Valentine's Basket contains more goodies, from granola and energy bars to chocolate truffles and macaroons. They have all been carefully selected, so following a vegan diet and avoiding animal products does not mean giving up good taste.

Speaking of tasty properties, Planet Organic Vegan Snack Attack Basket is the product to look for if you're looking for a healthy pick-me-up or between-meal treat. From chocolate bars and granola to chocolate nuts and popcorn, it contains everything you need to indulge in ethical self-indulgence.

Where can I buy Christmas gift baskets?

Planet Organic is your one stop shop for wholesome foods, natural health and beauty products, and essentials for sustainable living. Its wide variety, including gluten-free, dairy-free, keto, raw, and vegetarian options, makes it the perfect place to do your holiday shopping this festive season.

The following line of products available - 1 Day Delivery, includes everything from natural candles and reusable containers to organic baskets and gift boxes for vegetarians, vegans and other diets or sustainable uses. It also promotes health, wellness and beauty through a range of cruelty-free and organic cosmetics, skincare, bath products and even fragrances and perfumes.

'This is the season of joy

While most of us will find 2020 an extremely challenging year, perhaps this experience has brought us together. We may enjoy the comforts of home even more than we have in years past. The idea of gifting a food basket to a loved one definitely feels like a step towards simplicity and part of the family. Protecting the environment, being cruelty-free, and supporting those who live a vegan lifestyle at the same time is certainly a cause for joy.